"Our Name Is Our Product"
"Our Name Is Our Product"



Take A Thought For The BetterĀ And Give It A Lift Along It’s Way

Share It With Others As You Travel Thru Life From Day To Day

On This Place Called Earth Where As Human Beings We Belong

Our Moments Add Up To One Thing, We Are All In Life Together

Some Enemies, Some Friends, But Knowing In Luv There’s All Truth

That God Is The Reason To Always Share Your Luv One To Another

Everyone United Together In Luv, Winter, Spring, Summer, And Fall

Thankful God’s Eternal Mornings Continue Coming To Us, One And All

Here Now In This Worldly Place, PursuingĀ Luv As The Human Race

By Chazz The Artist For Luvland Productions
Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved Thru Infinity