"Our Name Is Our Product"
"Our Name Is Our Product"

Our Mission

Our Mission…Or Concept, Is To Spread Luv Thru The Message That GOD Is Luv. Luvs Message Is Spread With Products Produced From A Luv Mind Prospective. With Our Company Name, Logo, And “Our Name Is Our Product” Slogan, The Eternal Message Of Luv Will Be Spread In The World.

Our Most Important And Meaningful Product Is Our IHATEVIL Design Inspired By Proverbs 8:13 And Based On The Idea Of Combining The Two Most Negative Words-And Meanings-In The World, Hate And Evil, To Convey The Message That Hating Evil Helps Luv Triumph Over Evil-Forever.

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We Sincerely Hope You Will Join The Fight In The Battle Of Luv Vs Hate And Good Vs Evil To Help Spread The “God Is Luv” And “I HatEvil” Message To The World.

Be Blessed,